TES Centre Capability

TES Centre Capability

The Centre is unique in its offering. We seek to coordinate and provide the research capability for the creation of high value engineering systems based on design and manufacturing for through-­‐life engineering services.

We aim to improve the availability, predictability and reliability of such products to deliver the lowest possible whole life cycle cost.

Our vision is to provide thought leadership in through-­‐life engineering services and be the first choice for UK manufacturing companies for technological solutions, research and development capability, knowledge, skill and advice.

We value integrity, inclusiveness, community building, flexibility, innovation and dealing with real life complexity.

Other phrases that we use to describe ourselves are:

  • Leading national capability development in Through-­‐life Engineering Services
  • Extending the life of a technology application or technological product 
  • Helping supply chain development in through-­‐life support
  • Develop technology for Through-­‐life Engineering Services
  • Transfer best practice between different industrial sectors
  • We are a multi-­‐sector National Centre Our Centre’s Personality in Six Words:
  • Making complex engineering products is hard, making them last longer is harder.