Academic Partners

Cranfield University:

The Through-­‐life Engineering Services Centre is build on the PSS research funded by the current Cranfield IMRC and complement the research done in the IVHM Centre. In comparison to existing PSS research, this Centre will only focus on capturing, analysing and modelling engineering service (e.g. maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO)) feedback through technology development and how that informs the design and manufacturing of high value products to reduce the support cost.

The IVHM Centre focuses on developing sustainable integrated vehicle health management solutions for industry; these solutions are required as an enabling technology for proactive engineering service.

The two Centres will be linked through the Laboratories and resources will be shared. Professor Ian Jennions, Director of the IVHM Centre will lead the development of and run a Through-­‐life Engineering Services Studio within the proposed Centre and that will ensure that resources are not duplicated. Service cost modelling research is also lead by Cranfield and this Centre will build on the existing studies.