Complex Engineering Systems

Maintenance of Complex Engineering Systems, Cambridge University

This study has led to an EPSRC responsive mode proposal being submitted called OTTIMA. OTTIMA proposes a programme of primary research to understand how to predict the value delivered by complex manufacturing assets and optimise the maintenance of such a system.

The novelty of the proposed research is that it brings together relevant advances in sensing and communication technologies and cutting edge research in distributed decision-making architectures in manufacturing to develop a framework for operationalizing value-based predictive maintenance of manufacturing systems – the key contributions being the perspectives of “value” and “systems” instead of “cost” and “equipment”.

The basic research carried out in the proposed project will ensure that these issues are much better understood and predicted, to allow “pull through” of appropriate and optimised solutions. Although the focus here is on manufacturing systems, the techniques and ideas developed in the proposed project could be transferred to other systems such as transportation, continuous production systems, utility networks etc.

Awarded to: Ajith Parlikad