Nuclear Life Management

The Creation of a Nuclear Life Management Activity, First Circle Ltd.

This study, originally carried out by a small group of consultant experts in the field, has led to a EPSRC responsive mode proposal being submitted called DOMMAIN, led by Cranfield in partnership with the Dalton Nuclear Institute, Manchester University. The overall purpose of DOMMAIN is to minimise the costs imposed by degradation in nuclear plants by introducing new techniques, which combine improved monitoring and predictability of degradation, to provide for proactive measures to mitigate ageing and operational damage.

The aim of the DOMMAIN project is to advance the ability to manage the life cycle of major components in nuclear plants by integrating a knowledge-based approach to improving the estimation and uncertainties of present and future degradation, into a risk-informed cost-based approach. This approach will include the provision of improved plant inspection and monitoring coupled with predictive modelling and will identify options for component repair, refurbishment or replacement and revised maintenance actions. The outputs will be used to recommend improved means of obtaining knowledge of degradation processes and component status, and to identify options for cost effective repair or replacement maintenance options.

The key research objectives are:

  1. Establish the value added by integrated maintenance;
  2. Evaluate the contribution to degradation monitoring and assessment in material- and plant-specific focussed problems;
  3. Create sensing and monitoring approaches for in-situ assessment of specific degradation processes;
  4. Demonstration of models capable of monitoring the degradation processes in operating plants.


Awarded to:  Juan Matthews