Cellular Manufacturing

Cellular Manufacturing Concepts Applied in MRO, Cranfield University

This study will evaluate the feasibility of applying cell based operations approaches, including advanced robotics, to MRO operations, focusing on maintenance productivity and flexibility improvement. The feasibility study would identify key challenges in the adoption of cellular methodologies to MRO operations, potential improvements in productivity and flexibility that could be achieved, and identify key research questions as a basis for a more substantive study. The research focus is on developing cellular manufacturing approaches that can be applied to the design of layouts, automation, work scheduling and material flow in Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) factory floor operations.
The feasibility study would build upon extensive cellular manufacturing experience, extant literature on cellular techniques and engage MRO industry involvement in order to identify research opportunities in the area of maintenance, repair and overhaul facility layouts to drive improved productivity.  The study would:

  1. Examine current evolution of cellular methodologies in MRO operations
  2. Review research activity in the adoption of Cellular techniques to MRO operations
  3. Identify the key challenges facing MRO operations
  4. Identify research questions not being currently addressed
  5. Propose research activity that can be funded through private and public routes

Awarded to: Patrick McLaughlin