Electric Vehicle Management

Electric Vehicle Through-Life Management based on Telematic Data, Sunderland University

Electric vehicles (EVs) have become a viable alternative to conventional ICE powered vehicles due to recent advances in battery technology which has allowed vehicle range to reach acceptable levels. Alongside concerns regarding the range of EVs between charges are issues around the lifespan of several key components, most notably batteries, and the overall reliability of the vehicles.

The aim of the proposed project is to investigate how the life span of ultra low carbon vehicles can be enhanced through the application of the latest asset management tools and techniques utilising the rich data available from telemetry and tracking systems. The project will focus on fleet battery electric vehicles since these have been one of the major early adopters of ultra low carbon vehicles.
The detailed objectives for the work are:

  1. Identify the major components in battery-electric drive trains
  2. Identify the frequently occurring failure modes and assess their impact on vehicle operation
  3. Identify the data currently collected from telemetry systems
  4. Develop network with UK ULCV manufacturing community
  5. Develop network with UK ULCV early adopters
  6. Develop network with UK telematic system providers
  7. Develop roadmap for development of new solutions to apply asset management techniques to maximise ULCV lifespan

Awarded to: Mike Knowles