Mr Malcolm Lee

Malcolm Lee

Malcolm is the Group Head of Technology and Innovation at Babcock International plc. Babcock International is a leading engineering support provider focussed on three core markets of Defence, Nuclear and Emergency services. Malcolm leads the Groups Technology and Innovation function with responsibility for implementing the Group’s technology strategy including the digital transformation of Babcock’s asset management services, as well as the development of other technologies that enhance Group’s ability to support critical and complex equipment throughout the asset lifecycle.

Prior to his current role, Malcolm was Babcock’s Head of Business Enhancement, with responsibility for delivering strategy and transformation projects across all of Babcock’s Sectors covering a range of new market growth and operational improvement topics. Before joining Babcock, Malcolm spent 2 years with McKinsey & Company, which he joined from Rolls-Royce plc where he held a variety of commercial and strategy roles across their Aerospace, Energy and Marine divisions.

Malcolm holds an undergraduate degree in Engineering, Economics and Management from Oxford University and a Master’s degree in Technology Policy from Cambridge University. Malcolm also serves as a member of the Through-life Engineering Services council and is on the operations board of the UK Defence Growth Partnership.

Keynote title: Unlocking value in the support phase through digitally enabled asset management


Engineering support organisations such as Babcock International are continually seeking innovative approaches to managing and supporting critical and complex assets. The principal objectives of this continual innovation are to enhance the value these assets create for their end users through greater efficiency, improved availability and enhanced operational performance, as well as creating competitive differentiation for the support provider.

The Babcock key note will draw out examples of how a “whole life” support approach is used to inform the selection and adoption of new technologies and innovations to generate value in the Utilize phase of the asset lifecycle.

Starting with the core concepts of the Digital Thread and the Digital Twin the presentation will explore specific use cases that illustrate how new digital technologies and advanced analytics are transforming the support of new and aged assets, enabling the support provider to: gain greater understanding of component and system performance; utilise knowledge gained from maintenance, repair and overhaul activities to inform future operation of the asset and drive predictive maintenance; and, optimise the supporting enterprise and associated support assets.

Examples will draw from Babcock’s experience across the Defence, Emergency Services, and Nuclear sectors, and will include: the use of predictive maintenance in warship support; IoT tracking technologies to manage complex operational sites; tools to enable collaborative engineering or operational decision making; and, enabling maintainer and frontline operatives through personalised training and the use of virtual and augmented reality technologies.