TESConf 2012

TESConf 2012

The conference was hosted at Shrivenham on the 5th and 6th November 2012. A selection of photos from the conference can be found here.

The Keynote speakers for 2012 were:

Best Paper award:

TESConf2012 Presentations:

The requirements and benefits of remote maintenance systems for machine tools today and in future.

Ralf Riedemann Vice President Mori Seiki Europe and President Mori Seiki GmbH

Planes, Trains and Clean Energy: a life of Analysis, Monitoring and Asset Management

Dr Mike Provost, Intelligent Energy

Mixing product& service domains in development & manufacturing – challenges & learning’s from research

 Prof. Ola Isaksson

The current maturity challenges for Prognostics to cover Structure, Propulsion, Avionic, Mechanical and General Systems in efforts to reduce through life costs.

An Aircraft Design for Maintainability Methodology Integrated with Computer
Aided Design

Dr. Helen Lockett

Multi Criteria Decision Making for Maintenance Planning of Wind Turbines

Prof. Kirsten Tracht

Service Provision for Industrial Product-Service Systems 

Presented by Henning Lagemann

From Information Repositories to Business Knowledge through the Exploitation of Unstructured Data

Chris Rowley

Methods For PSS Ideation: Theory And Applications

Joris Van Ostaeyen

Value simulation in conceptual phase of PSS design

Tobias Larsson
Presented by Prof. Ola Isaksson

Customer Involvement Framework for Service design of Product-Service System

Taghrid Abu-Salim

Integrated Solutions for 3D Scanning and Generation of Digital Product Models in MRO Processes

Hendrik Grosser

innovation in through-life engineering services with standards

British Standards Institute

Simulating the Helicopter Mission Generation Cycle – How to Pull all the Levers at Once

Air Cdre (Rtd) Alan Goody

Simulation Modelling for Improving Operational Availability and Value for Money in Urgent Operational Requirements

 Jeremy Smith

Systems Engineering Design through Failure Mode Avoidance

Prof. Felician Campean

Implementing a full Knowledge Management (KM) system - how to overcome the challenges and successfully implement a KM solution throughout a large,
complex, international medical business

Steve Downton

In-service value visualisation in preliminary design: results from an aero-engine component study

Marco Bertoni,
Presented by Prof. Ola Isaksson

Web-based Engineering Platform for Planning and Simulation of Industrial
Plants and Workcells

 Matthias Brossog

Enhancing Through-life Engineering Services
with a Comprehensive Engineering Community

Johannes Goetz

Set-up Dominated Low Volume Process Capability Estimation Using a Pre-Control Method

Steven Cox

Value of condition-monitoring in
photovoltaic power system maintenance

Dr Ajith Kumar Parlikad

Development of a two-step approach to analyze and to optimize maintenance

Prof. Kurt Matyas

Functional Products in Forestry: Challenges and Opportunities

Presented by Magnus Karlberg

Blast Cleaning – Restricted Accessibility in the Field of Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

Robert Hollan

Towards lean Thinking Implementation in Product Service Systems

Moustafa Elnadi
Presented by Dr Essam Shehab

Design and Modelling of Maintenance
Processes for the Support of Availability Critical Products

Dr Sean Reed

Service delivery and co-creation to support value and sustainability in PSS design

Lucille Trevisan

Method for Estimating Risk Indicators for Failure Modes in a Wind Turbine and their Use for Rescheduling the Planned Maintenance

Dr.Miguel A. Sanz-Bobi

Transformation of Intelligent Maintenance Systems and Closed-Loop Product Service Systems: A Long View

Prof Jay Lee

Integrated Maintenance System Trend and A Maintenance Scheduling System Application Example

Dr Youichi Nonaka, Hitachi

Engineered Self-Organization Approaches to Adaptive Design

Dr Jake Beal

Chaired by Professor Jay Lee,

Professor and Director of IMS Center,Univ. of Cincinnati                                         
1. Jukka Borgman, Aalto Univ. of Finland: Maintenance Transformation in Finland.
2. Prof. Kondo Adjallah, ENIM France Maintenance Transformation in
3. Prof. AJ Wang, Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.  Smart Engine Program in China
4. National Instruments Rep. of UK

Reliability Growth Fact or Fantasy

Richard Denning

An overview of self-repairing systems for "through life product support"

 Professor Alan Purvis

Simulation based approach to predict vertical axis wind-turbine faults using Computational fluid dynamics

Kyoo-Seon Park

Reconfigurable Robotic Platforms for Structural Non-Destructive Evaluation

Dr. Gareth Pierce

Through-Life Challenges and opportunities
of designing high-value complex systems

Dr. Amir Toossi

Self-validating thermocouples for in-situ calibration drift correction

Dr. Claire Elliott

On terminologies and definitions of No Fault Found

Dr. Samir Khan

Chemically inspired rules for self-healing in Self-Organising Assembly Systems

Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo
Presented by Dr. Regina Frei

NDE for maintenance

Prof Keith Newton

Uncertainty Analysis for Wind Turbine Performance and Reliability

Gianluca Laccarino
Presented by Marco Perillo

How Neural-Network Test Technology can benefit Avionics and Wiring Systems

Giles Huby

Simulation of complex emergent and self-healing structures in Presage and based on Meta Self

Dr. Regina Frei

Don’t forget the People!’ when developing Through-Life Engineering services
Nick Frank

Multi-objective optimization of cold spray for repairing, wear, fatigue and corrosion resistance

Prof. P. Cavaliere

Time-Delay Recurrent Neural Networks in Evolved Adaptive Behaviour

BJ Derrick

What Service Leaders need to get right in order to deliver profitable Through-life Engineering Services

Nick Frank

On the potential of healing metals through electrode position

P. Cavaliere and A. Taurisano, Presented by Prof. P Cavaliere

Self-repairing electronic logic units based on convergent cellular automata

Dr. Richard McWilliam

Identifying challenges in Through-life Engineering Services

Dr. Louis Redding Presented by And Shaw

Multi-Scale tuning of FEA Models for Woven Fabric Composites

Alberto Bassanese
Presented by Marco Perillo

Self-healing in ensembles' collaboration patterns - Mariachiara Puviani

Presented by Dr. Regina Frei

Potentials of Item-level Product Lifecycle Management and Servitization in the Boat Sector

Karl Hribernik

Characterisation and calibration of a pulsed-thermography Non Destructive Inspection camera system

Dr. Taufiq Widjanarko

Through-Life Engineering Services Standards Development

Andy Shaw

Recent advances in high temperature thermocouple thermometry

Jonathan Pearce
Presented by Dr. Claire Elliot