TESConf 2016

TESConf 2016

The conference Proceedings are now available online

The conference was hosted at Cranfield on the 1st and 2nd November 2016.


2016 Keynote Speakers were:

Professor Peter Sandborn (University of Maryland)

Professor Peter Cawley (Imperial College London)

Professor Robert Gao (Case Western Reserve University)

Professor Andy Doherty (Chief Rail Technology Officer, Network Rail)

David Benbow (Rolls-Royce)

Professor Rajkumar Roy(Cranfield University)





CIRP Sponsored Event

TESConf2016 is a CIRP sponsored conference. The conference must have at least two of the following in order to qualify for sponsorship: a co-ordinator, a sponsoring STC and a program committee.

Two CIRP Fellows (normally not acting as the organizer of the conference) from the respective STC have to be nominated to evaluate the conformance of the conference with respect to CIRP requirements (Conformance Committee). The Conformance Committee also supports the co-ordinator in all CIRP related matters. At least two CIRP Fellows shall be included in the conference Editorial Committee